The CES Selector Certificate Program lets you validate and extend your knowledge of CES Selector. Learn to use the software more productively and effectively. The Certified Level is open to past or present users of CES Selector in industry or CES EduPack (the companion product for materials education) to promote your experience, e.g., to prospective employers. The Professional Level is open to current users of CES Selector. The Expert Level is currently accessible via Granta training courses (more information) but an e-learning option will be available in future.

    Available courses

    Certified User status is designed for any past or present user of CES Selector or CES EduPack. To become a certified user, you need to demonstrate that you understand the data available in CES Selector and know how to apply the core search, selection and comparison tools.

    To validate your experience, and receive a certificate, you simply need to pass a short test. Learning materials are provided to help you brush up your knowledge or, for new users, to get started with CES Selector.

    Although beneficial, it is not necessary to have direct access to the software.

    Professional User status is designed for any current user of CES Selector. Learn how to apply the full material selection capability of CES Selector, rather than using it solely as a source of materials data.

    You will learn about the different selection datasets, tools, and methodologies that can be applied, and how and when to use them.